some of cambelly's BBQ some of cambelly's BBQ beef ribs ah cookin doin some beef ribs on an offset BBQ 174162894 ribs after I slathered on the BBQ sauce all homemade of coarse ! 174162895 party food for super bowl sunday finger foods for super bowl including: wings,jalapeno poppers, egg rolls and sausage poppers ! yum 174162896 roast turkey roast turkey 174162897 lasagna Lasagna with 5 different cheese's and a whole bunch of stuffing. 174162898 Lasagna piece being heated up , damn that was good ! 174162899 split turkey BBQ turkey ...... turned out good 174162900 rotisserie beef Chuck roast being cooked on a rotisserie in my back yard for me and the honey. YUM ! 174162901 pork butts pork butts just ah smokin in my cookshack just as juicy as could be and tasty too, best pulled pork ever ! hands down..... 174164760 roast beef on spit everyone loved it at a home party this summer. 174373390 smokin doin somethin for my friends in my back yard 174921625 heres the beef poor mans surf n turf 174921849 ribs st louis style 174922007 sanwich pulled pork sandwich with my Cole slaw. 175134358 Pork tenderloin Pork tenderloin resting 175804160 Pork spare ribs Pork spare Ribs Dry almost done. 179119252 Ham shank wonderful bbq pig ........ham shank smoked 192496151 Beef ribs ah la Asian style. BBQ Asian style BBQ beef ribs. 192496267 Another poor mans surf N' turf Nothing like bacon wrapped scollops, a cheese burger and smashed potatoes with infused cauliflower . YUM ! 192496270