wedding and backyard party pictures from 2016 wedding and backyard party pictures from 2016 rack of ribs 203534171 sausage for wedding 35 pounds of homemade sausage 203534172 wedding table set up for wedding. 203534173 wedding 30 pounds of potatoes for potato salad. 203534174 wedding rolls for the pulled pork and sausage. 203534175 wedding food line at wedding 203534177 wedding food line 203534178 wedding food line, great response.. 203534179 backyard party 203534180 backyard party deep fried beef battered chicken. 203534181 backyard party chicken and burger ( fresh ground.) 203534182 backyard party fresh cut french fries. ( big hit) 203534183 backyard party beer battered chicken 203534184 testing out new offset smoker Pork Ribs. 203534185 backyard party natural casing hot dogs with ribs. 203534186 wedding Green peppers for sausage and peppers. 203534187 wedding getting ready to cook. 203534188 wedding homemade Cole slaw and potatoes for salad getting cool. 203534189